• 3 Tips For Winning At Online Slots

    3 Tips For Winning At Online Slots

    Four Things You Do Not Want To Do When You Play Slots

    Please keep in mind that many of these(on the list) are for land-based casinos and slot machines. However, you do want to be aware of these concerning online use too. You never know when something could come up.

    A good way to win successfully is to avoid some of the following mistakes.

    1) You never do "string theory". I will explain it because some of you might not know what that is in online slots. What the player does is drop a coin in the slot(to start playing). Then, they use a string to pull the coin out afterwards. It is something some do to cheat the system. Someone in Nevada was nailed for it. Please, do not try this. They have rules and guidelines in place to prevent anyone from cheating the system. Why do you think all the machines are random?

    2) Some player use fake coins to(once again) cheat the system. The machines are more sophisticated now. They have ways of detecting when a coin is real versus fake.

    3) Do not do(what they call) an inside job. What they do is gather a team around one of the Big Bertha machines. They distract everyone while someone crawls inside the slot machine. They then rig the results. Security is on high alert for anyone who does that.

    4) There is something called "cheating by chip". Someone developed a coin that could go in and learn the cheat codes. That way they could tell others how to cheat through the coin. That person has since been arrested. Do not attempt any of these online or in a land-based casino. You will be caught and penalized. 

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